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Book Division ett Samm Publishing is a small publishing house based in Trinidad founded in 1993. The impetus was to produce material on Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean for the world. With books of the Caribbean diaspora as the focus, we here at Jett Samm Publishing have the resources and time to nurture a title to its full potential. Where other publishing houses have dropped Caribbean authors and titles for lack of immediate sales, we will continue to define our Caribbean experience by its Caribbean people to the world.
       From our book division, Return to Kairi: A Trinidad & Tobago Journey was the first in a series of art books on and of the Caribbean, especially Trinidad & Tobago. The company also has periodical and
Multimedia Division
Periodical Division
multimedia divisions. Tan Tan is the new magazine being developed for the Trinidad and Tobago diaspora, as well as the electronic newsletter, Ex-Isle. Noel-Abbott Books is an imprint of Jett Samm Publishing specializing in reprints and fiction. We opened our U.S. office in Washington, DC. Publisher and founder Nigel A. Campbell lives and "observes reality" in Trinidad.

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